March 26/2013
ARM TMP 1000 

Today we are looking at the A.R.M. TMP 1000 Vacuum Tube Preamp. This is a Preamp made in Toronto (Markham) by Patrick Holder at Teletech. We managed to snag the single channel a few years back for $700 which normally cost around $1795+HST, SCORE! It comes in a 2 channel version for $3595+ HST, one day. This is a hefty price tag for a mic pre. But this thing will run the gambit with ANY preamp’s of today or yesteryear. Having A/B’d it with the API 3124, Drawmer 1960, Neve Prism, True Precision 8, and a few I am forgetting, my preference is always towards the TMP 1000.

It is warmly huge and great on Voice Overs (we recently used it on Rollers Of The Realm), Kick, Snare, Bass, Guitar. It’s a real pleasure to use and I really can’t say enough good things about it. If we want to warm up some soft-synths, or track the perfect bass-line, ARM TMP 1000 is the goto 100% of the time, all the time.


March 10th/2013
Spetrasonic Omnisphere

DARC Review of the Spectrasonic Omnisphere. 12 hours in since install. Amazing fun! 1 am to 8 am all nighter creating and manipulating the plethora of sounds and effects. The learning curve, IMHO suitable for both novice and experienced synth aficionado. That being said audio software and hardware is made to be tinkered with. Explore and you will find what your looking for plus much much more. I wont get into specifics as this will go on for hours…it’s just fun to use!

With a price range of $475 (Canada). I spent a year pondering the cost, but now that I have made the leap and entered this world, I am upset I didn’t make the purchase sooner. For sonic quality, this synth really is leagues above anything else you can get in its price range, both hardware and software based.

Troy Morrissey